Shaun Tan

I chose Shaun Tan as my artist model because I liked the way he used the texture of his brush in his paintings, he barely ever has flat colours there are always variations in his colour.

A Painting by Shaun Tan of a skull in a garden with floral patterns painted on it with a dark sky in the background

Josh Keyes

I chose Josh Keyes as my second artist model because of his realistic style, his use of main central subjects in his paintings, and mainly his interesting subject matter.

Painting by Josh keyes of a dark bull running ashore with a burning ship in the background

Meghan Howland

Meghan Howland is my third artist model for similar reasons to Shaun Tan, her use of texture and colour variation and contrast.

portrait painting by Meghan Howland of a womans head and shoulders with black and red feathered birds flying around and partially covering it